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Is your medication fake?

How much water was used to dye your jeans?

Are your cosmetics genuine?

Is that CBD oil verified as safe? 

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It’s time to demand more from brands. With scan2know, we can guarantee:

  • Provenance & Verification
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Trust

“Consumers are demanding more from brands today. In their selection of food and beverage items, all purchases as consumers are seeking brands that embody an authentic purpose this could be a commitment to health and well-being, nutrition, specific dietary requirements, or even doing good for society and the environment, The document has a closing double quotation mark without an opening one.”
Jon Edwards, Managing Director at Accenture Strategy. 

Verify products

We work with our partners to verify information and authenticity using tamper-free blockchain technology. Whether you’re interested in the brand story behind a new pair of jeans or checking if your daily meds are legitimate, you’ll have all the relevant facts displayed via the visual storyboard on our scan2know app.

Trust brands

We all want to buy from brands we enjoy and trust – and a great deal of that trust is based on a brand’s purpose. The scan2know app helps us connect with brands of all sizes and really understand what they stand for. Use scan2know and make informed choices, with more confidence.

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Become an informed consumer

Until now there was no way of really knowing where a product came from. By scanning a QR code using the scan2know app, you’ll see an authenticated digital storyboard sharing information:

  • Where your fruit was picked
  • Which factory your shoes were made in
  • If your medication is the real deal

When you scan2know, you have the power to make informed purchasing decisions and be the change you want to see in the world.


Telling stories

Our team is small, but we’re fired up about making things better for people and the planet. That’s why we’re promoting transparency and encouraging brands to find innovative and safe ways of producing our go-to products. We help you ask the right questions about the products you’re buying:

  • Are they sustainable?
  • Is the workforce treated and paid properly?
  • What’s the carbon footprint impact?

At the touch of a button #scan2know and get the real story behind the product in 3‑6 seconds.

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