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Change-maker - Scan2know


Helping you make a positive impact

We all know that small changes in our shopping habits can make a big difference to the planet when they are multiplied millions of times over. That’s where scan2know comes in. We have created a simple app with a lofty purpose: we’re here to help you become more planet-aware and let you exercise your power and voice through the products you buy. Use scan2know and guarantee the authenticity of the things you’re buying. Be 100% sure your favourite brands are working hard to reverse the environmental crisis we are all facing. Here’s your chance to spend your hard-earned cash on brands that care about the environment and care about YOU.

Be a change-maker?

If you have bought, used, or seen counterfeit products online or on the high street, red flag it to our team and in doing so, you are helping others not to be duped. These counterfeit gangs are ruthlessly efficient at ripping off consumers daily and we are on a mission stopping them one red flag at the time. Hit the button below and let’s stop these greedy criminals! Hashtag #RedFlag on all social media.

Be a change-maker?

If you have bought, used, or seen fabulous products online or on the high street, tell our team. Brand owners who protect our planet should be celebrated and its our mission to tell the world. Help us to create the shoppers new best friend with our planet-aware directory. By hitting the button below, you tell us and we’ll tell them, hashtag #GreenFlag on all social media.


Scan2know directory

Brand owners, are you planet-aware? Consumers, do you have a favourite planet-aware brand? We, at scan2know, are looking for examples of brands the world needs to take notice of. Our job is to verify all submissions and list them in a directory in our app. Why? It’s time to put pressure on all brands to adopt ethical and sustainable best practices. #ShopwithPURPOSE


Our World

Twelve billion careful people could live well together on our wonderful planet. One billion careless people can trash the place in no time. It is not just about the number of people, it is about how they live.
Mike Berners-Lee 

We as individuals need to reduce, reuse, recycle, conserve water, educate ourselves, shop less and sustainably, bike more, drive less and think. Just think. Why the elephant? We at TEAM HolaTECH are inspired by this wondrous creature and want to work to support organisations in pursuit of its protection.


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